A few days ago, Hyundai officially unveiled an all-new concept mid-size SUV in China named Mufasa Adventure. Hyundai will introduce the production version at Shanghai Auto Show slated to be held this month. It is expected to start selling in the Chinese market around June this year. Interestingly, the India-bound Hyundai Creta facelift features soft parts designed using the same parametric theme seen on this concept.

The Hyundai Mufasa Adventure concept resembles the battle-hardened vehicles usually seen in action movies; the only missing bit is some spikes and perhaps a roof-mounted heavy machine gun. There’s a strong-looking front bumper in the metallic shade with Mufasa written on it. The front-end even features aggressive lighting and bonnet handles. The SUV has a large front grille in a black finish similar to the Tucson and Creta sold in the global markets. While the lift kit is equipped with a front skid plate, auxiliary lights, rear full-width LED light bar, black finished pillars, roof and wing mirrors, muscular wheel arches, and side steps. The grille-type add-on in the rear window gives it a sporty look. At the rear, the SUV gets full-width LED taillights and a chunky bumper.

The off-road-spec Hyundai Mufasa Adventure concept has been designed with several off-roading accessories. Highlights include the big and wide grippy off-road tires that wrap around the custom-built 18-inch alloy wheels. Its high ground clearance and wide track ensure its legitimate off-roader looks. The SUV measures 4,475 mm in length, 1,850 mm in width, and 1,685 mm in height. To put things in perspective, it is longer than Creta, which measures 4,300 mm but shorter than the 4,630mm Tucson. Hyundai is yet to reveal the interior. However, it is easy to guess that the Mufasa will be a two-row five-seater that will replace the carmaker’s famous model, the ix35.